Some of the comments we have received from the public about the School Safety Proposal.

“First, my thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and families affected by these horrible tragedies in Clackamas and Newtown. As a father, I believe that we as a nation must work together to prevent these horrific acts of violence and address the underlying issues that cause them.  Every two years, I raise my hand as a Representative and swear to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution.  That’s an oath I take seriously.  The Second Amendment to the Constitution guarantees a citizen’s right to keep and bear arms, and I will always be a strong supporter of the Second Amendment.  The shooters in Oregon and Connecticut were severely mentally ill and committed their crimes with stolen guns.  According to the U.S. Department of Justice, a majority of guns used by criminals are stolen, bought on the black market, or obtained in other illegal ways.   Oregon law already provides for extensive background checks that help prevent violent criminals and severely mentally ill persons from possessing and owning firearms. The President’s proposals target possession of firearms by law abiding citizens and will not prevent these types of attacks, where the perpetrators violated multiple laws to begin with. We should instead focus on enforcing existing laws and do more to address school security and the underlying cause of these tragedies and find more effective ways to help people with mental illness and those contemplating suicide.  I am committed to working with leaders in the education and mental health care communities to address security issues and the underlying mental illness that is the root cause of many of these violent acts.  For this reason, I am supporting the proposal by Oregon State Senator Ted Ferrioli, Oregon State Senator Tim Knopp, and State Representative John Huffman to increase school safety. The proposal focuses on preventative measures, treatment for mental illness, and enforcement tactics.  The enforcement portion includes the local option for school districts to provide trained and armed law enforcement at every school.  I believe such a state led initiative will be more effective towards preventing a future tragedy in Oregon like Sandy Hook.” ~US Representative Greg Walden (R-Ore.)


“It is my goal in the legislature, and in working with communities and school districts to try and focus discussions on the root problems that are causing community and school safety issues, and not on symptoms. We need to develop solutions to these root problems. More gun control does not address root problems, in my opinion. Mental health, for example, is a root cause of the tragedies we are seeing. Bullying and violence are others. It is far too easy to pass a law that attempts to prevent bad behavior and all you end up doing is taking freedom away from good, law abiding citizens. This is why I encourage school districts and communities to exercise their local authority and develop a comprehensive district safety/security plan with professional assistance. I have not and will not support any legislation that attempts to further erode our God given, Constitutionally guaranteed rights and freedoms. Attempts like that are merely treating the symptoms. I prefer that local communities work together on safety issues that are right for them. We know if Salem and Washington get involved it will be a one size fits all answer to fix a symptom and that is not what is needed to create safe and healthy communities. I believe Prevention, Treatment, and Enforcement are the key areas that need to be addressed in any thorough plan.”  ~Oregon State Representative John Huffman (District 59)


“This is the most common-sense, rational approach I’ve seen. Sign me up! I’ll do what I can to help.”  ~Oregon State Senator Ted Ferrioli (District 30)


“I believe this is a common sense approach to begin protecting our children from the evil of this world. I also believe gun control regulation will not stop bad people from getting guns and it will not stop them from attacking our children. We must be wise and force changes in our school security programs.”  ~Sheriff Jim Adkins, Jefferson County (Oregon)


“Complex issues require well thought out solutions and one size will not always fit all. This proposal addresses each communities unique characteristics and marries it with creative solutions…well done! I am proud to live in a proactive community with such great community leaders, thank you for bringing this proposal forward.” ~Commissioner Tammy Baney (Deschutes County, Oregon)


“I agree with the President’s statement, we need to do something. But taking weapons away from honest citizens is not the answer. Education and training can make a difference so schools can slow down an attacker until law enforcement arrives. But like most cities, police/sheriffs are five to ten minutes away and a lot of damage can be done in that time period. Having a resource officer on site can make a difference if they are in the right place at the time. Having volunteers on site can also help, but only if they are properly trained. You will always have weak points in any school, but with proper training and education you can minimize the situation and hopefully safe lives.”  ~Richard Ladeby, City Councilor (Madras, Oregon)


“Prevention, Treatment, and Enforcement is a valid idea. I support the notion that any type of weapon can be used, so this is bigger than guns.” ~Commissioner Tony DeBone (Deschutes County, Oregon)


“This makes more sense than anything I have seen yet. How about our national guard? Make use of them. They are here to guard our “nation”. What better way than to guard our youth?” ~Grandparent, Retired (Florida)


“God bless your efforts!” ~Citizen, Retired (Oregon)


“I think this is very much needed.” ~Parent (Oregon)


“Excellent (and rare common sense) proposal.” ~Ex-Firefighter, EMT (Oregon)


“Guns don’t kill…defensive, criminal, or sick individuals do. There needs to be an answer to the question, “what is the protocol when these sick individuals get in a school?  Instead of the gov taking advantage of the situation to disarm its people, make a true plan for safety. You know the studies behind unarmed law abiding citizens.” ~Citizen (Oregon)


“Force must be met with equal force.” ~Grandparent, Veteran (Minnesota)


“Thank you for your wonderful ambition in keeping all of our children safe.” ~Office Specialist (Oregon)


“Long overdue this should have been implemented years ago. Great proposal.” ~Grandparent (Oregon)


“I am a former resident of Deschutes County and have grandchildren in school, as well as multitude of friends who have children in the Bend-LaPine school district. I think this proposal is a no-brainer. There are many ex- military and ex- law enforcement who would leap at the chance to protect our children. Thanks again for taking a proactive stance in these troubling times.” ~Grandparent (Florida)


“Expert shooter (three awards) while in US Navy. CHL. Competitive shooter in IPSC and IDPA. Educated in the use of lethal force. Interested in protecting children.” ~Volunteer (Oregon)


“Thank you for being proactive.” ~Secretary (Oregon)


“Efforts = Results.  Thanks for giving us an avenue for effort so we can see results!” ~Parent (Oregon) 


“This is something that needs to be addressed in our society; our children SHOULD be safe and FEEL safe going to school. Thank you.” ~Office Worker (Oregon)


“Gun owners need to use common sense in securing their weapons.” ~Accountant (Oregon)


“Hopefully we can better protect our kids. It makes me really sad it’s come to this, but what you’re doing is important work.” ~Teacher (Oregon)


“This is a great proposal.  Parents need to feel safe sending their kids to school.” ~Parent, Phlebotomist (Oregon)


“I personally encountered this very situation, student with a gun, on my school bus.  This situation was one which could have been a disaster, but instead was handled swiftly and without incident. Please make sure when you submit your proposal that ALL school facilities are included. There are many areas besides the school building itself that need to be looked at. Thank you for your interest in the safety of our children. I support your efforts and would like to be involved in any way possible.” ~Retired School Bus Driver (Oregon)


“The only real change I would make is to have all doors installed with bulletproof glass. It’s proven an easy entry to just break the glass in a back door to gain entry.” ~Secretary (Oregon)


“Balanced approach.” ~Registered Nurse (Oregon)


“Excellent concept of balance! We’ve had school shootings/attacks occurring since the 1700’s. The worst being The Michigan Bath School Disaster Of 1927, killing 45 innocent victims. We’ve suffered more than 162 school shooting/attacks since the 1700’s. The three legged school concept is often touted by behavioral health professionals as the most balanced and effective approach.” ~Educator, MAC, CADC III, CPS (Oregon)


“Please help us protect our students and our future.” ~Teacher (Oregon)


“We need to protect our kids by having trained Teachers in schools for first response to threats in times of need.” ~Reserve Deputy Sherff (Oregon)


“The entrances to most schools are far too accessible.  Sometimes staff can’t even see when people come in.  We can take immediate steps to secure the entrances now.  If money is an issue, then we can ask contractors who have kids in school if they would be willing to build secure entrances for the schools for free or at low cost.” ~Parent (Oregon)


“”I was born and raised in Central Oregon, I lived there for 28 years. The wisest thing to do would be to arm the teachers if they so desire. That is what Switzerland has done and they have the lowest crime rate in the world. If the second Amendment does not sound like a good idea to follow, the next best thing would be I to put armed guards around our important people.” ~Financial Services, Church Deacon (Texas)


“Well thought out proposal.” ~Citizen, Investment Advisor (Oregon)


“Wonderful idea! And for those who would disagree, I challenge them to come up with an idea. And lets put this in effect now.” ~Parent, Self-Employed (Oregon)


“Thank you for crafting a well-balanced and effective response to the recent tragedies.” ~Parent, Community Project Organizer (Oregon)


“I’d be glad to volunteer time, as counselor or as armed on-call neighbor. Renewing my CWP now, and would be glad for more training. Would also be happy to counsel with any parents or kids in need to help with more secure schools.” ~Mental Health Counselor (Oregon)


“Better than anything I hear the government coming up with.  We need to do something.” ~Parent (Oregon)


“Great idea…something needs to be done.” ~Parent (Oregon)


“It is time to protect our schools.  I think this would be a great start.  You would have to bullet proof the whole school, not just the front entrance.” ~Grandparent, Accounting & Payroll (Oregon)


“I believe this is a great idea. My children were afraid to go to school after the shootings. Making our children feel safe is very important.”  ~Parent (Oregon)


“Very good ideas. Good job in getting it out to the public. If I can help in any way, just let me know. Thanks so much.” ~Citizen, High School Support Specialist ERC (Oregon)


“Please make all our schools safe” ~Youth, Student (Oregon)


“Our Superintendent agrees more law enforcement in schools would help to keep students safer. He says, like many school officials say, while an armed officer would be beneficial, it comes down to the money. Here is a suggestion in the belief that every step toward safer schools will make a difference:  Given the fact High Desert Education Service District (HDESD) has available substitute teachers with a law enforcement (LE) background, HDESD would be proactive towards school safety if those substitute teachers were given preference at teaching assignments. This would be an easy and quick task for HDESD to institute. Obviously, the sooner this policy were instituted the better for school safety. I challenge HDESD to do this. Even though these substitute teachers with LE training would not be armed, chances are their LE training actions would fair better in a active shooter situation than would an untrained substitute teacher’s response. I believe parents would readily agree this would be a school safety step HDESD should unilaterally employ to potentially put more LE trained teachers in schools NOW — and it comes without any added cost.” ~Teacher (Oregon)


“This is a fair and balanced plan. It will be an interesting challenge to get some of the anti gun persons to agree.” ~Grandparent, Retired (Oregon)


“This is a great plan!” ~Parent (Kansas)


“This plan is the most logical one I’ve heard so far. The knowledge that there are armed “good guys” on campus will deter potential shooters who, it should be noted, never choose to attack armed facilities. I like the idea of keeping secret who is armed and how many are at the schools. This plan has been well thought out.” ~Grandparent, Retired (Oregon)


“I think this is a great place to start. We need to limit who has access to our children. We control who access them at home and we need to listen to our instinct to protect our young! Law Enforcement needs to have keys to access the schools through the locked doors, a master key for all schools in the district could be a solution for this. Keys would need to be strictly controlled by law enforcement. Each school or district would need to come up with their own ways of accomplishing these set guidelines.” ~Parent, Business Owner (Oregon)


“This is a good idea! I know that my 4 elementary level grandchildren would feel much more secure with a proposal such as this in place. The “Sky Marshall Deterrent” is an excellent comparison & is excellent.” ~Grandparent (Oregon)


“I wish to see a bunch of RETIRED MILITARY that are coming home to no jobs be given the offer of protecting our kids. AND allow them to stand in Non Dress uniforms. Class B uniforms are better then their Class A.” ~Grandparent, Medical Retired (Oregon)


“I have obtained my conceal carry permit last year. I have been through extensive training on safety and safety shooting and I continue my experience through group practice with armed forces. I believe a good guy with a gun… can be beneficial to protecting our children against the bad guy with the gun.” ~Teacher (Oregon)


“Sound idea” ~Citizen (Oregon)


“I would be willing to volunteer my time to be present while armed in schools if approved by the local government and school board.” ~Police Officer (Oregon)


“I think this proposal is a great way to keep our children safe. It scares me everyday dropping my 5 year old daughter off at school knowing that just anyone could walk in looking like they are dropping off a kid and open fire. I hope changes are made. The focus needs to be on how to make schools safer and not focused on gun control.” ~Parent (Oregon)


“Thank you for taking the time to set this up!” ~Parent (Oregon)


“I fully support having SRO’s (school resource officers) in the schools like we do now, but I would like to see widened even more to where the officers are in the schools full time. When I was in school almost everyone had a gun in their vehicle from killing rats because of being farm kids, to having your rifle because it was hunting season or just going out plunking cans and not once did I ever worry about a school shooting. But we know that is not the way of the world now so I would love to see trained personnel protecting our kids while they are in school.” ~Teacher (Oregon)


“This is extremely important.” ~Parent (Oregon)


“I am a parent of a teacher.  I am afraid for the life of my child too.” ~Retired Principal (Oregon)


“It shouldn’t even be a question to have armed guards at every school. We arm jewelry stores, aren’t our children jewels? We arm banks, are not our children more precious than money? Find the funding, our children are sitting ducks with no protection. Wake up America!” ~Citizen (Oregon)


“I believe in Armed Guards or Armed School Staff in the schools as long as they are trained…” ~Parent (Oregon)


“I think there should be bullet proof glass in every school, and if parents don’t want armed guards at schools then maybe they should volunteer to stand guard at the door, this isn’t a joke any more this is becoming a very serious problem.” ~Grandparent (Oregon)


“Stop with the politics and protect our children when they are at school.” ~Parent (Oregon)


“This is AWESOME!  Thanks for your hard work on this and initiative.” ~Parent, Law Enforcement Officer (Oregon)


“We need to protect our children and staff while they are in school. The last thing our children and educators should be worried about is if an attack will happen at their school. The educators should be able to educate without fear and our children should be able to focus on learning without fear. Those that are committing these heinous acts are attacking our innocent and defenseless because they know they can accomplish their goal of taking out as many lives as possible in one incident. Lets protect our children and educators with placing responsible, armed and trained policemen and women in our schools to stop these monsters.” ~Parent, Administrative Specialist (Oregon)


“Childrens lives before politics” ~Parent, Health Care Professional (Oregon)


“I 100% agree with allowing, promoting and training the teachers that want to carry. I know there are quite a few teachers who own and are very adept with firearms and would have them on their person if the district changed their policy and allowed holders of ccw’s to carry on school ground. From my research Oregon law allows this its just up to the individual districts to allow carrying.  I do not believe any new laws, bands or taxes will stop or even detour these horrible events.  The only way to limit the outcome is to be defensive. I already trust the school and teachers to take care of my child while there, why not let them be able to fully protect them from the many tragedies of the past. ~Parent, Veteran (Oregon)


“Thank you for doing this!” ~Parent (Oregon)


“I have two grown boys who live in OR, and we’ve lost one grandchild two years ago and we all miss her and her big smile so much, so I will sign this for her brother and for all the other children in the USA, as he will start kindergarten later this fall, to support the schools for ALL so they may go to school to learn and play and laugh, like it should be. Thank you, proud Grandparent and parent from WA” ~Parent, Grandparent (Washington)


“I am a concerned mother and this needs to be addressed asap. Thanks for starting a website to do this.” ~Parent (Oregon)


“I heard about your proposal, I think that’s awesome!  Don’t let the idiots get you down.” ~Parent (California)


“Signs indicating that school grounds are protected by armed personnel would help deter as well.” ~Citizen (Oregon)


“I am in full support of this proposal.” ~Parent (Oregon)


“Great idea…Something needs to be done ~Parent (Oregon)


“Wonderful idea! And for those who would disagree, I challenge them to come up with an idea. And lets put this in effect now. ~Parent (Oregon)


“We must keep our most precious safe!” ~Citizen (Oregon)


“I would love to volunteer to help. I have my concealed permit, but for the law I don’t know if that would be enough.  Put in that volunteers would be willing to take extra training or whatever need be to help out, because I would do whatever it takes.” ~Parent (Oregon)


“I think if a teacher is trained or another person no one else should know who is and who isn’t, that way no one knows how many are there or who they are dealing with.  I think it is wonderful and I love that people are doing things to protect our kids.” ~Parent (Oregon)


“Thank you so much.  I will be encouraging everyone I know to sign.” ~Parent (Oregon)


“I think that there are things we need to change just for over all safety. I don’t think Sandy Creek could of done much more than what they did. I would much rather see security officer at our building than teachers packing weapons. It is too much trying to teach academics as well as social behavior anymore then to be worried about a student who may try taking it from us as we are teaching. I think that mental counseling and awareness not only in our school but in our systems (DHS) has to be better trained. It is sad we have to look to these options but it is what our society is creating and allowing. I appreciate you doing this I feel it is very important for our children to be able to be safe at school.” ~Teacher (Oregon)


“Sounds good, these are all valid and good ideas.” ~Grandparent (Oregon)


“Awesome that it includes all schools.  I think funding definitely the biggest issue.  I obtained my own concealed weapons permit and feel very strongly that we, lawful and armed citizens, can be a huge key in keeping everyone safe. As I said before, it shouldn’t be a requirement and it is not for everyone. But I am always prepared when I carry.” ~Parent (Oregon)


“I assume this applies only to public schools and hope that efforts will be made to include private schools as well.” ~Parent (Oregon)


“I just got done writing to the newspaper and the school board before I saw this story. Please let me know what I can do to help you.” ~Parent, Nurse (Oregon)

Three Legged Stool-transparentSCHOOL SAFETY PROPOSAL
“Three-Legged Stool” of Prevention, Treatment, Enforcement

Supported by:
US Representative Greg Walden (R-Ore.)
State Representative John Huffman (District 59)
State Senator Ted Ferrioli (District 30)
State Senator Tim Knopp (District 27)
Sheriff Jim Adkins (Jefferson County)
Commissioner Tammy Baney (Deschutes County)
Commissioner Tony DeBone (Deschutes County)
Richard Ladeby, City Councilor (Madras, Oregon)

1) Restricted and reinforced main entrance in every school
A) All traffic routed through main entrance with goal of locking people out, not locking people in
B) Main entrance has bulletproof glass with hardened doors operated by office secretary

2) All side doors and classroom doors kept shut and locked. Children trained to not let others in.
A) Students are free to exit, but persons cannot enter without going through secured main entrance
B) Teachers will no longer have to act quickly in shutting and locking doors in case of emergency

3) Prevention education, ongoing training, and practice drills
A) Bullying prevention education, empathy/diversity skill building, healthy decision-making, life skills
B) Silent communication & defense training, Practice drills: fire/evacuation/lockdown/escape

*Prevention Goals: Reduces Easy Accessibility, Increases Awareness, Provides Deterrent, Buys Staff Time

1) Increase Mental Health education and awareness
A) Education for students and staff of mental health risk factors
B) Outreach programs for youth identified with risk factors (i.e. isolated youth)

2) Increase access to Mental Health Counseling and Treatment
A) Early identification and referral to mental health services
B) Increase access to mental health counseling and treatment

*Treatment Goals: Identifies risk, outreach services, referrals to mental health, increases access to health care

1) Trained and armed law enforcement at every school
A) School Resource Officer and/or approved school staff who are Police Reserves, Retired LE, Veterans
B) Enforcement staff trained in crisis management, hostile situations, realistic training scenarios,
defense training, firearms qualification on gun range, and legal ramifications of using deadly force
C) Enforcement staff trained and approved by school district & law enforcement (full time, backup)
D) Enforcement staff to be in civilian clothes so unknown to public how many security staff are on site
E) Enforcement staff have a valid/verified Concealed Weapons Permit and carry their weapon on site
F) Enforcement staff may be paid or volunteer

2) Removal of “Gun-Free Zones” policies and signage. Replace with signs and policies that deter violence.
A) This will increase awareness that some persons on site are armed
B) Provides deterrent for individuals who would take advantage of citizens in gun-free zones

*Enforcement Goals: Protects children and staff if intruder is in school, Strongest deterrent for violence

**Some rural schools face a unique set of challenges because their law enforcement resources or response time can be limiting due to long distances. Due to the risk of copycat violence, immediate steps can be taken until the above comprehensive strategies can be instituted:

1) All teachers keep their classroom and outside doors locked. Persons need to knock to be let in by teacher.

2) A law enforcement officer be placed at every school until the comprehensive strategies can be instituted.
Other possible ideas: Hidden panic buttons in school classrooms, 2-way intercoms, every classroom to have a window that opens to the outside for emergency evacuation, strategically placed weapon lockboxes, metal detectors, scan-able student and staff ID cards.

Our society values protection of banks, insurance companies, television stations, police departments, courthouses, airports, legislators and our President. Why not our schools?

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